Basic Tips for Buying Stylish Golf Shirts and Attire

Golf Shirts There are lots of business partners that decide on important business decisions through golf games. People who are trying to woe their boss or a prospective business partner should consider doing well in golf then. Of course, the game can be a matter of chance but there is something that you should be able to control: your choice of clothing. You can choose whatever golf shirts or shoes you want to wear for this important event.

You should aim to be stylish. The outfit you wear to the game will make an impact on your boss or on your prospective business partner so it is a must that you look your part. What you look like oftentimes have an impact on your business dealings. Thus, you must be choosy with your outfit and pick only the best.

Here are some of the important tips to remember when buying stylish golf shirts, shoes, and clothing:

1.Know clothing etiquette for golf.

What you have to do first is to know what standards to follow for your game clothes. There are general rules to keep in mind, after all. Here are some of what you must remember:

Golf Tops. Collared polo shirts or classified knit golf shirts are highly recommended. Adults who frequently go to business meetings might already have at least one of this kind of clothing. However, for those who are considering playing regularly, purchasing one specially designed for the sport is ideal.

Golf Bottoms. Twill sacks are generally what is suggested but it should be okay to wear a pair of regular khaki pants. Denims should be avoided as this can give off the impression that you are really a beginner. Jeans are restrictive so avoid them as well.

2.Be mindful of what dress code to follow.

Most of the golf courses these days require their players to follow certain dress codes. It would be good to know what the dress code is before actually going there. The dress codes are common in most golf courses. However, the grade A places will most likely have a stricter dress code to follow. Knowing beforehand can help save you from embarrassment.

3.Choose your individual clothing items.

You must pick the individual clothing item as properly as you can. You have to take your preferences in mind. Moreover, you also have to be as informed as you can regarding the types of clothing you can choose so that you can make a proper decision. Whether you are buying shorts, pants, skirts, skorts, shirts, jackets, or vests, having proper information on these products will be beneficial to you. Taking the informed approach when it comes to buying these merchandise can make every penny you spend worth it.

4.Add practical but stylish golf accessories.

Just a plain golf pants and shirt may not be enough to give flair to your style. For that, you should consider adding a choice of golf accessories to your overall look.


Visor or golf hat. The glare of the sun can become a hindrance. The stylish way to keep the sun out of your eyes is by wearing a golf hat or a visor. Baseball-style caps can also be a good alternative for this.

Sunglasses. You cannot avoid looking at the sky, especially when you are following the ball’s trajectory. Looking at the sky without sunglasses can be risky.

Gloves. These are useful in keeping the club from slipping out of your hands. It is also a way to keep your hands from having blisters.

Socks. There are actually golf socks being marketed nowadays. However, these are not really all that different from athletic socks. Choose which one you are most comfortable using.

These are just some guidelines to remember when buying golf shirts, pants, and the like. You can make the most out of your money if you keep these tips in mind. You will surely be happy your purchase.